£31k fine forked out over flock of feathery fiends

A property management company has been left in a flap after being hit with a £31,000 fine after failing to evict a flock of feathery fiends from a property in Brent.

The company received the fine after failing to act on a complaint about pigeons roosting in a loft – whose cooing was disturbing the tenants at 4am every morning, and a water leak in the ceiling of the second floor Kilburn flat.

The complaints prompted a visit from a local enforcement officer, who issued Adilsons Property Limited with an improvement notice to complete works.

The improvement notice and subsequent follow-up notices were ignored, resulting in a court hearing at Willesden Magistrates Court. The defendant pleaded not guilty to the charge of failing to comply with an improvement notice, but was found guilty.

The company was fined £12,200 and ordered to pay £5,648 in costs as well as a victim surcharge of £170. Its owner was also fined £6,100 and the two tenants were awarded £7,638 in compensation.

Tenants in the private rented sector have a legal right to decent living conditions. We will prosecute landlords and letting agencies that fail to comply with improvement notices. This landlord had plenty of opportunities to carry out the repairs but ignored our requests.

Spencer Randolph, the council’s head of private housing services

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