20% of tenants don't expect to ever see their deposit again

20% of tenants don't expect to ever see their deposit again

Research released by law firm Slater and Gordon has revealed that of the 1000 tenants surveyed, 20% do not expect to see their deposit again once they have handed it over.

A further 72% admitted that they have struggled to get what they believe that they were owed back from a landlord at the end of a tenancy, with 40% not receiving anything back at all.

However, 18% admitted to not reading a tenancy agreement before they signed, so it is possible that they missed crucial details in relation to their deposit – which could have an impact on the funds they receive back.

As well as speaking to tenants, the Slater and Gordon research team also spoke to 500 landlords, with many very clear on why they were so quick to withhold some or all of their tenant’s deposits.

Many revealed that they have had tenants who have caused more damage to their properties that the deposit could cover, with 79% wishing that they had asked for a larger sum.

The most common reasons landlords were quick to withhold a deposit include stains on the carpet, chipped paint and damaged wallpaper, broken or damaged furniture and broken or damaged windows.

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