Your Property Manifesto: How to market like an MP

When it comes to advertising a property, it can pay to think of yourself as a politician gearing up for an election

You need to prepare a great manifesto in the form of your property advert in order to get your prospective constituents (tenants!) on side, and put across a convincing argument as to why they should vote for your property.

Everyone knows that good images are vital, and a clear description is key, but what else should you be including in your property manifesto?

Local infrastructure

Kirsty and Phil know what they’re talking about, location is generally the only part of a property search that is completely immovable. Most house hunters can even have a certain degree of flexibility with regards to their budget if they fell in love with their dream property.

If your property is close to amenities, transport links, schools or businesses, make sure you shout about it in your advert – this could be your ‘writing on a tour bus’ selling point!

However, if your property isn’t based in the best-connected part of town, don’t panic - there’ll still be plenty of people that won’t want to be near local schools, and won’t have to worry about commuting, so it’s just a case of knowing your market and marketing your property accordingly.

Financial planning

Ensuing that your advert is of a comparable price to others in your area will help make sure it doesn’t hang about for too long. Unless there is a valid reason for a far higher or lower price, do your research as to what other similar properties in your immediate vicinity are going for and price yours accordingly – and do be mindful of what the market is doing.

If you intend to charge any fees to your tenants, now is the time to be upfront about it. Nobody likes a hidden cost, so be as open as you can to avoid wasting your time, or your prospective tenants.

Supporting the next generation

If you are planning on marketing your property to families, a garden is a huge bonus – space for children to play and enjoy themselves is a massive selling feature, and adds a whole additional room to your property.

Tackling energy suppliers

The increased cost of living in a concern for many renters, so if you are can provide any additional information about the average running costs of your property in your advert it gives your prospective tenants a snapshot into the outgoings they could expect to incur if they take on your property. Not only is this useful information to provide, it also might help ensures that you are not faced with unpaid bills should a tenant find themselves struggling to pay once they have moved in.

But remember, now is not the time for ‘alternative facts’. It could be considered that some politicians are known to be less than honest, but the very best are upfront and truthful about their party’s position, and as such are respected and well liked – surely a good thing as an MP and a landlord!

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