Your 2018 rental resolution - we can help!

Resolutions can often be hard to stick to, but if you are making a promise to keep up to date with the latest landlord legislation, well, that needn't be a chore - we've got just the thing to help!

We've teamed up with our friends at the National Landlord Association to bring you a series of webinars, designed to advise and support you in keeping up to date with the most confusing elements of landlord legislation.

Covering everything from tenant abandonment to deposit resolution, the CPD-accredited webinars are a simple way to get a thorough understanding of sometimes confusing elements of landlord life.

As well as toolbox talks from NLA or industry experts, the webinars also include simple presentations that you can watch back, and the opportunity to ask live questions. All questions are also answered in full by the great team from the NLA's Advice Line, and posted anonymously on the accompanying blog post here on the Landlord University - so you can refer back to them should you need to (and they may offer help to another landlord in a similar situation)!

All webinars are free to take part in, and you can take part using a computer, tablet or smartphone - if you are on the move you can even dial in and listen via a phone - although you won't be able to see the presentation! However, if you can't make it, a recording is available to view after the event, just register and we'll send you a link.

We've collated the very best of 2017's webinars to get you started. Keep in touch for a full schedule for 2018 - we're planning events looking at dealing with troublesome tenants, pesky pests, tax management, squatters rights, tenancy agreements and much more - do get in touch here if you have any ideas for topics you'd like to see covered.

Rent Arrears Fears

Most landlords have fears around rent arrears - so join and the National Landlords Association as we attack this issue head on, and try and lay these concerns to rest.

With the help of NLA adviser and long-term portfolio landlord John Coyne, join us as we tackle tricky topics such as issuing Section 8 and Section 21, how to progress to court, and when it's possible to get your money back.

Watch the webinar and read the questions here

Tenant Abandonment: Avoiding that empty feeling

'Tenant abandonment: Avoiding that empty feeling' is looking at the legislation surrounding tenant abandonment, and how to manage this major issue.

NLA expert and London landlord Richard Blanco and Polly Rivers of the Landlord University will be discussing tenant's rights, landlord's rights, and how you can deal with this pesky problem should you find yourself suddenly tenant-less.

Watch the webinar and read the questions here

Deposit Dos and Don'ts: Part 1

Do deposits leave you baffled?

Assisted by Suzy Hershman from Mydeposits, part one of this two-part series, will tackle registration, legislation and how to make sure you're handling your tenant's deposit correctly.

Watch the webinar and read the questions here

Deposit Dos and Don'ts: Part 2

Do deposits leave you baffled? If so you're not alone! Join and the National Landlords Association as we demystify deposits!

Part two of this series is delving into deposit disputes. Suzy Hershman from Mydeposits will be exploring exactly how you can protect yourself in the event of a dispute, the dispute process, and exactly how adjudicators arrive at a resolution.

Watch the webinar and read the questions here

The Landlord Safety Summit

Do safety rules and regulations leave your scratching your head?'s Adam Male and the National Landlords Association's Simon Ward will be exploring all of the key elements that landlords have to be aware of, including gas safety, electrical testing, fire regulations and the ever-complicated legionella requirements.

Watch the webinar and read the questions here

The Ultimate Landlord Checklist

There's a lot to remember when your property comes up for rent. From picking the perfect tenant, to making sure your paperwork is in order, getting to the stage where you are able to confidently hand over the key can feel like a minefield.

Join's Adam Male, and the Landlord University's Polly Rivers as they guide you through a full checklist of requirements to make letting your property as simple as 1,2,3...

Watch the webinar and read the questions here

Do you have a licence to let?

With more and more councils across the country exploring licensing schemes, this is becoming a concern to many landlords. Join the NLA's Local Authority Policy Officer, Gavin Dick and's Adam Male as they shed light on this tricky subject.

Whether you have an HMO, own a property that is located within an area with additional licensing regulations, or are concerned about how licensing could impact you in the future, this comprehensive overview shouldn't be missed.

Watch the webinar and read the questions here

Don't miss!

You can kick off your resolution with the first free webinar of 2018 - 'Tricky Tenant Troubleshooting'.

Thursday, 25th January: 7.00pm

Even the best tenant can find themselves in a tricky situation, and as a landlord this can often have an impact on you, your property, and your bottom line. But when your tenant starts causing you trouble, what steps can you take to help them, and yourself?

NLA expert and London landlord Richard Blanco and the Landlord University's Polly Rivers discuss some of the common issues (as well as the stranger situations!), and provide practical tips for solutions that could help both you AND your tenant.

Register here

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