How to conduct a successful property viewing's Legal Landlord quiz answers

​If you've played along with the 'Are you a legal landlord' quiz on's social media sites, you can check out the answers here (no peeking before you've done the quiz though ):

1. How often do you have to have a full gas safety check carried out, by a registered gas safety engineer?


2. When you're advertising for new tenants, is it a legal requirement to display an EPC?


3. What documents do you have to give to a tenant at the start of a lease in order for the agreement to be legally binding? (Tick any that apply)

  • Up-to-date Gas Safety certificate
  • Tenancy Deposit information pack
  • How to Rent Booklet
  • EPC Certificate

4. When does 'Right to Rent' come into force across the UK?

February 2016

5. What is the fine for not complying with the 'Right to Rent' scheme?

Fine of up to £3,000

6. If you don't include a Landlord contact address on your tenancy agreement, are you at risk of getting your tenancy agreement ruled null and void in court?

Yes, it could render it null and void

7. Do you need to have a smoke alarm fitted on every floor of a rental property?

Yes, one on every floor

8. In order to avoid a £20,000 fine, you have to hold a license to manage an HMO, so it's important that you know when your standard residential rental becomes one! What characteristics define an HMO?

  • A property with three or more tenants who are not related to each other
  • An owner-occupier with more than two lodgers who have a licence to occupy their accommodation
  • Students living in shared accommodation where they have exclusive use of the whole house
  • A property split into individual rooms where the tenant has exclusive use of their room but shares a kitchen, bathroom and toilet

9. What's your responsibility regarding legionella control?

Routine checks, advising tenants if any maintenance or treatment has to be carried out

10. In order to comply with Carbon Monoxide management regulations, which of the following statements are true?

  • A detector must be advised in every room with a fuel burning appliance
  • A ceiling mounted detector should be at least 300mm from any wall, and a wall mounted detector should be at least 150mm from the ceiling
  • Detector must be positioned above the height of any doors or windows in the room
  • Don’t position the alarm directly above a water source
  • The alarm can't be positioned in an enclosed space, or obstructed with anything

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