Renovations that make your let less appealing

Taking on a home renovation project to rent out can be an exciting undertaking, but getting the style right can make or break your chances of getting interest from tenants, say Compare My Move

When renovating your property, be sure to keep the tenant in mind and always ask a local letting agent for advice if you are unsure. They will be able to provide information relating to the local area that will help you make key decisions in the development process.

While every area has different styles and requirements when it comes to rental properties, there are some general rules to follow which will increase your chances of a successful rental property. So, what are the renovations that make your lettings listing less appealing to potential tenants? This guide from Compare My Move looks at the styles and choices you should avoid when renovating your rental property.

Personal Styles

When renovating your rental property, it is all too easy to add personal touches and styles you like to the property. While you may be a big fan of art deco or arts and crafts, others may not be interested and could put some off your property.

Whether furnished or unfurnished, tenants will usually be looking for a blank canvas to add their own personal touches to. Overall, stick to a clean and modern style with neutral colours.

Outdated Kitchen or Bathroom

While tenants will spend most of their time in the bedroom and living room, having a modern kitchen or bathroom is the best way to entice home searchers into your property.

When designing your kitchen, be sure not to choose wooden work surfaces for rental properties as these can be damaged easily with stains, knives and hot pans.

Vibrant Colours

Painting your walls bright and vibrant colours, such as blue or red, may look nice to you, but it can easily put people off when looking at your lettings listing.

Aim for bright neutral colours like cream or white that will make your property feel open and airy.

Avoid any darker colours as these could give your tenant negative feelings towards to property, making it feel closed and dark.

Furnished or Unfurnished

Choosing whether to furnish your rental property will very much depend on the type of property you own and the location. Check with a local lettings agent what people prefer in a property like yours, as they will be able to provide accurate and helpful information.

To transport furniture to your property, be sure to visit Compare My Move to get a quote for house removals and save up to 70% off your costs. The comparison website will match your moving requirements with up to six removal companies in your area, saving you time and stress, as well as money.

Cluttered Small Rooms

If you are furnishing your property, make sure you do not clutter small spaces with large furniture.

For example, do not try to fit a double bed in a single room because you think it will appeal more to tenants. It most likely won’t and will make your whole property seem smaller in the listing as a result.

For smaller rooms, consider knocking down non-load-bearing walls to open up a larger space. Open living is very much desired by tenants and homebuyers, so try and make the most of your space where you can.

High-Maintenance Gardens

While a lavish garden may look better in your listing pictures, tenants will tend to prefer a low-maintenance garden. Having a simple lawn bordered by a self-maintained flower bed will appeal to tenants as they will only have to mow the lawn occasionally.

Urban or Country Styles

Similar to adding your own personal touch, the style you choose for your rental property should ideally fit in with the location of the property.

If your property is based in a trendy urban space, it would be fine to include a bare brick wall as a feature of the property. However, this feature may not fit in with a property in the countryside.

If you are unsure of the local property styles, look online at similar lettings listings to get an idea of what people are looking for.

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