Protecting the entry points to your home

Protecting the entry points to your home

At we are passionate about making sure that once you have found your perfect home, it is secure, and always safe from sneaky shysters.

There are some very simple changes that you can make to your property to ensure that it is not attractive to an intruder. You want to make sure that every entry point looks like it will be difficult and dangerous to force open, making your property seem like just too much work for an opportunistic intruder.

The main entry points to be concerned about are the front and back doors, ground floor windows and the garage. If you secure these main points, you would make it significantly harder for an intruder to force entry into your property.

Secure your doors

The first thing to do is to make sure every door is solid. Many modern doors are hollow, and very easy to damage, or even kick through. By replacing the door with one made of solid wood, or even metal, you remove the risk of someone forcing through this barrier! When you replace your door, make sure you ensure your new one has a peephole too, it’s an inexpensive addition and it’s a huge plus for ensuring your personal safety whenever you’re at home.

Once you have your solid door, you have to ensure that it is securely bolted. A deadbolt provides the most secure option when looking to secure your home, and if fitted properly will prevent your door from even the most aggressive assault.

If you have a sliding glass door out onto your garden, this obviously can’t be replaced with wood or metal! An intruder is unlikely to want to smash the glass as the noise draws unwanted attention, however, some can be removed from their tracks from the outside. An additional bolt on the inside of the door will help prevent the door from sliding, and will secure it when you are not in the property.

With solid wood and secure bolts, your doors are going to be doing a great job of keeping unwanted visitors out of your home, but there is one more thing you can do to make sure that you are doing the most you can outside your home. Clearing visual obstructions, by keeping hedges, bushes and trees trimmed, helps ensure that there are no hiding places around your property, and that anyone lurking can be seen clearly.

Be on a safety drive

As well as front and back doors, garage doors are a primary entry point for intruders, and mustn’t be forgotten when you are securing your property.

Automatic garage door openers can pose a significant risk if your garage door is older than 2004, as some models can still be opened by ‘universal’ remotes. An intruder wouldn’t have to force entry at all, simply click a button and they’re in! You should check with your garage door manufacturer whether this is an issue or not, as many offer additional safety features to counteract this risk.

Many people also make the mistake of leaving their garage door opener in their car. If your car is stolen, the thief has instant access to your home as well – it is much safer to keep your remote on a key ring and keep it with you.

Window of opportunity

The most obvious design flaw with your windows may not be the most obvious flaw at all! Most intruders will be reluctant to smash glass as the noise will attract unwanted attention, and possibly injure them, leaving potential evidence at a crime scene. Instead, it is preferable to force the glace out of the frame, preventing it smashing and leaving a large opening to enter through.

The best course of action is to ensure your windows have sturdy locks and secure frames. A strong frame will make it difficult for anyone to force the glass out without attracting attention, and the frames can often be more securely locked.

It is also wise to remember that it’s not only the windows on the ground floor that you need to be aware of. Leaving wide open windows on the first floor is an invitation for a canny intruder, who may have a set of ladders or see an easy climbing route up into your property. If your window is at the back of the property and isn’t overlooked, there’s nothing to stop an opportunistic burglar shinning up the drainpipe!’s top tips for securing your property this October

  • Always make sure your doors and windows are securely locked when you leave the property
  • Replace hollow doors with sturdy wood or metal ones
  • Ensure all doors are secured with deadlocks
  • Clear visual obstructions from your home, and ensure entry points can be seen clearly
  • Confirm that garage door cannot be opened by universal remote
  • Never leave garage door fob in the car
  • Ensure window frames are sturdy and well-maintained

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