Police smoke thousands of cannabis farms out of UK rental properties!

Landlords are being encouraged to be a little more aware of their tenant’s gardening habits, in order to ‘weed’ out the spread of cannabis farms in residential lettings properties.

A new report revealed that the number of cannabis plants seized from rental properties across England and Wales is surprisingly ‘high’, according to landlord insurer Direct Line for Business, with police seizing 366,841 plants in 2014/15.

Properties in the West Midlands were the biggest culprits, with 54,700 plants seized. Suffolk Police reported the greatest increase, with 4,616 plants recovered in 2014/15, nearly seven times more than in 2013/14!

As a landlord, you could face legal action if it can be proved that you were aware that any criminal activities were taking place on your property, or received money or proceeds from illegal drug activities. In addition, there is also the matter of the significant amount of damage that a farm can cause to a rental property.

Farms often require whole rooms, or even floors of a property to be stripped, and significant equipment to be installed for the plants growth, all of which can have a terrible impact on the state of your property It is likely that you will have to replace floor coverings, possibly re-plaster ceilings and walls, and certainly redecorate before your property is ready to let again.

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