Manchester 'To Let' board ban

Landlords in Manchester may see the way the market their properties change, with the City council looking to band ‘To Let’ boards across the whole of the region.

Councilors are working on plans for a voluntary pilot scheme, which could give way to an outright ban.

The area is popular with renters, with one-third of homes in the city reliant on private rental market, and as such sees a high density of ‘To Let’ boards. Councilors are keen to remove the boards, believing they create an unsightly blot on the landscape, and can be an eyesore for residents.

There is also cause for concern that a board can easily single out properties that are rented by students, which make them easily identifiable by criminals who target them for theft.

Banning boards will bring the area in line with other parts of the country which have applied the same scheme, such as Westminster.

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