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Forgetful Scottish tenants could be in for a bonus!

There was good news for Scottish tenants this week, as a new programme was launched to reunite them with their cash!

SafeDeposits Scotland has launched an appeal for forgetful tenants, who haven't claimed back their deposits at the end of their tenancy – and they are looking to get their cash back to them. The firm believe that over 2,000 tenants, many of them students, ended their leases and left the property without claiming back the cash that they handed over at the start.

Since the introduction of tenancy deposit schemes in July 2012, it is believed that over £500,000 has gone unclaimed. The team already attempt to reunite tenants with their cash by sending them letters, text messages, emails and phone calls, but when if all else fails, when left unclaimed for six years, the cash goes to the Crown.

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