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Ever been embarrassed to admit you're a landlord? You're not alone!

Have you ever been embarrassed to admit you’re a landlord? If so, you’re not alone! According to research from The National Landlord Association’s Quarterly Landlord Panel, one in five buy-to-let landlords are embarrassed to reveal their investments!

Of the 777 landlords polled, 21% noted that they tended to keep quiet about their position, with those in the East of England and the East Midlands the least likely to reveal the information, with 29% keeping schtum.

Landlords based in the South East, Yorkshire and the Humber were less shy however, with only 18% reluctant to spread the work. The most vocal were Scottish landlords, with only 13% keeping their position under wraps.

The report, which revealed findings from 400,000 further landlords from across the UK, revealed that the embarrassment could be due to a stigma attached to the bad press that the private lettings industry receives, caused by the few ‘rogue landlords’, and the ongoing negativity from Westminster. However, Richard Lambert, Chief Executive of the National Landlords Association believes this needs to change:

The stigma attached to being a landlord never seems to change. It’s the minority of rogues and criminals that make the headlines and these have a negative impact on everyone else. The majority of landlords are hardworking individuals who put their own money into providing homes for others and they should not be ashamed to say so.

Richard Lambert, Chief Executive of the National Landlords Association

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