How to conduct a successful property viewing's simple guide to successfully conducting your own property viewings

Spring is here! And it's prime time for people to get itchy feet, and consider a move! Which only means one thing, getting primed and ready for property viewings! However, this seemingly simple task can be a minefield, so here's out top tips for the perfect viewing...

Prepare the property

  • It goes without saying that a clean and tidy property will be more appealing to a viewer. You (or your tenants if they are helping out) don’t have to say ‘yes, come immediately’ every time, if you need an hour to get the place straight, take the time you need.
  • Do try and clear encourage existing tenants to have a tidy up if they can - this will help make the property as appealing as possible to a wider range of viewers.
  • Wherever possible try and keep young children and pets clear of the property when you’re conducting a viewing – you want your sole focus to be on the people you are showing round. Now is definitely the time to call in baby-sitting favours from friends!
  • Try and book your viewings during daylight hours wherever possible. A sunny outlook makes everything more appealing, and you can really show your property and garden off to its full potential.

Make a plan

  • It is likely that your property has a room which delivers the ‘wow’ factor - decide whether you want to show this off first, or keep it for last.
  • First impressions count, so even if you’re not starting with a wow factor room, don’t kick off with the cupboard under the stairs… show off a room which gives a taste of what’s to come.
  • Make sure the last room you end up in gives scope for buyers to stand or sit comfortably, so they can feel at ease to ask any questions that they may have. You don’t want to be wedged in a damp cellar talking about council tax when you could be sat around a kitchen table.
  • Make a mental note of all the points you have to tick off as you walk around the property. House hunters are prepared to pay a premium for certain benefits, but it’s up to you to highlight them. Make sure you point out period features, additional storage solutions, any new energy efficient modernisations, proximity to great schools and transport links - be sure to let them know what added value your property offers.

Pre-empt the questions

  • Before the viewing, think of the main questions that you think a viewer may need, and prepare the answers. How much is council tax? What are the average monthly bills? How far away is the station? Is the local Chinese takeaway any good?
  • You could note down the questions and answers, and prepare a document to hand to the viewer – there will be so much for them to take in when they are looking around, and this gives them the option to take the information away and digest it in their own time. viewing checklist


  1. Always prepare yourself, and the property before a viewing – it’s ok to ask for an hour to get ready!
  2. Be friendly, welcoming and warm - but stay professional. After all, you will need to maintain a good relationship as landlord and tenant!
  3. Host viewings during the day whenever possible
  4. Offer the viewers the chance to look around on their own once you’d carried out a tour
  5. Prepare for questions and respond honestly
  6. Be clear on the next step – should the viewer contact you, or your agent if they wish to proceed


  1. Conduct viewings alone for safety reasons
  2. Hover over your viewers, give them space to explore a little
  3. Rush the viewing – 10-15 minutes is around average, any longer is a great sign!
  4. Push for a decision on whether the property is right for them

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